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Selasa, 12 April 2011

Call of Duty 5 : World at War RELOADED [Mediafire] Full PC Game

Call of Duty 5 World at War RELOADED Box shot

About the game
Call of Duty World at War- RELOADED
Nelease Date: November 11, 2008
Game genre: Action
Publisher: Activition
Developer: Treyarch
Language: English
Local Play: 2 Co-Op
Online Play: 4 Versus

Building on the Call of Duty 4 engine, Call of Duty: World at War thrusts
players into the ruthless and gritty chaos of WWII combat like never been
before, and challenges them to band together to survive the most harrowing
and climactic battles of WWII that led to the demise of the Axis powers on
the European and South Pacific fronts. The title re-defines WWII games by
offering an uncensored experience with unique enemies and combat variety,
including Kamikaze fighters, ambush attacks, Banzai charges and cunning
cover tactics, as well as explosive on-screen action through all new
cooperative gameplay.

Call of Duty: World at War throws out the rulebook of war to transform WWII
combat through a new enemy, new tactics and an uncensored experience of the
climatic battles that gripped a generation. As U.S. Marines and Russian soldiers,
players will employ new features like cooperative gameplay, and weapons such
as the flamethrower in the most chaotic and cinematically intense experience to date.

The story focuses on the final battles of World War II in the Pacific and
Eastern Europe involving the United States, the Empire of Japan, the Soviet
Union, and Nazi Germany. It is told from the perspectives of a Marine Raider
and a Red Army soldier, and is based on several historical battles, including
the Makin Island raid, the Battle of Peleliu, and the Battle of Berlin. The
multiplayer portion of the game contains various game modes, and contains a
leveling system that allows the player to unlock additional weapons and
rewards as they progress, which was originally implemented in Call of Duty 4:
Modern Warfare. A new feature to the Call of Duty series is the co-op mode,
which can support up to four players online and two offline.

Minimum System Requirements-
OS: Windows XP/Vista
Processor: Pentium 4 @ 3 GHz/AMD 64 3200
Memory: 512 MB (1 GB for Vista)
Hard Drive: 8 GB Free
Video Memory: 256 MB (nVidia GeForce 6600/ATI Radeon X1600)
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c
Keyboard & Mouse
DVD Rom Drive


1. start/ settings/ control panel/ folder options/ click "view" tab/ now select "view hidden files and folders"/ OK
2. now go into For XP "my computer/ documents and settings/ administrator/ Local Settings/ Application data/ Activision/ CoDWaW/ players/ profiles

for vista -


now that you are here under profile delete all the folders u see in here.
3. Now after u've erased the folders, create a new folder and give it a name for ex: terminator
4. now open a note pad and inside it type "terminator" now save this note pad on desktop, save it with the name "active"
5. transfer the notepad u've just created to the folder that has the new terminator folder from step 3
CAUTION: do not put the note pad inside the folder "terminator" , the folder "terminator and the note pad are inside the folder "profile"
CD Key:

Single Download Link-
Download Now
size 6.9 gb

Mediafire Links-

Download Call Of Duty 5

size : 5.65 gb


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